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The Maxtend® CA system is the premium optimised 'One-Trip' active control system managing the atmosphere inside a standard marine refrigerated container.

Optimum setpoint is instantly established by gas flushing then the balance between oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are accurately maintained to create the optimum atmosphere for extending the storage life of produce.

Eliminating the need for a dedicated controlled atmosphere container fleet and the associated logistics.

Maxtend® CA is the perfect solution for transporting your precious produce to market.

Maxtend can tailor your CA system to the optimum atmosphere to maximise produce life well beyond standard air storage methods.

Suitable for a wide range of commodities of low or high respiration cargo including Asparagus, Avocado, Blueberry, Peach, Litchi, Organic Grape etc.

Maxtend® CA offers a complete service.

Utilising the patented Maxtend Controller, patented CO2 scrubber system and trip datalogging capability, Maxtend® is in control of your produce every step of the way.

With our global network and backing of our partners, you can rely on Maxtend®.

Operation principle:

  • O2 depletion by cargo respiration
  • O2 increase by fresh air injection using valves
  • CO2 depletion by fresh air injection using valves and additional control if required by passive (controlled absorption rate) CO2 scrubbers
  • CO2 increase by cargo respiration

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Maxtend CA
Installation Procedure
Installation Procedure