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Cargo Protection at an Affordable Price.

The Maxtend® RA System is perfectly suited to low value cargo such as lettuce, where accuracy is less important than competitive price.

Maxtend®RA utilises the same high technology active sensor and controller as the premium Maxtend® CA system to deliver a beneficial atmosphere range once target O2 level is established through produce respiration.

The Maxtend® RA system also ensures CO2 level does not increase beyond the optimum predetermined level through controlled absorption by utilising the patented CO2 scrubber system.

An economical atmosphere management solution suitable for low leakage containers, perfect for so many applications.

See Maxtend Results for samples of trip results or speak to our representative to see if Maxtend® RA is the ideal solution for you.

Key Points:

  • Suitable only for low leakage reefer containers
    (less than 3 years old)
  • Beneficial range of atmosphere rather than specific setpoint
  • Specifically targeted at Lettuce
  • No downloads provided
  • Used at customer's discretion

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Maxtend RA
Key Points
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