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Affordable atmosphere control
in a standard reefer container.

The Maxtend® Secura System is an affordable alternative to our Maxtend® CA system, suited to high respiration cargo such as banana and mango.

The Maxtend® Secura System uses the proven Maxtend® CA Controller and patented CO2 scrubbing system.

Maxtend® Secura is ideal for high respiration produce that consumes oxygen faster, establishing the desired setpoint by produce respiration without gas flushing.

The Maxtend® Controller then accurately maintains the setpoint of oxygen and carbon dioxide during the entire voyage.

The Maxtend® Secura System retains Maxtend's unique One-Trip concept and can be easily fitted to any standard reefer container that has passed our leak testing criteria.

It is ideal for cargo such as Banana, Avocado and Mango where setpoints can be achieved in a relatively short time by produce respiration.

Maxtend's® Secura system offers you the complete confidence you expect from Maxtend.

With trip data download capability, Maxtend's full service and the reputation of quality Maxtend® is renowned for.

Operation Principle:

Container is firstly leak tested to ensure the leakage rate is less than cargo respiration rate. The setpoint is achieved fast without need for gas flushing by the natural consumption of oxygen by the high respiration cargo. This is typically achieved within 48 to 72 hours.

The complete Maxtend® system then accurately maintains the desired setpoint based utilising the fully patented Maxtend Controller and scrubber system process as per Maxtend® CA:

  • O2 depletion by cargo respiration
  • O2 increase by fresh air injection using valves
  • CO2 depletion by fresh air injection using valves and additional control if required by passive (controlled absorption rate) CO2 scrubbers
  • CO2 increase by cargo respiration
  • Ethylene Absorber can be added to assist in protecting the cargo during the initial O2 pull-down stage

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Maxtend SECURA
Installation Procedure
Installation Procedure