Maxtend® sets the benchmark for controlled atmosphere solutions for safe transportation of perishable cargo by seafreight.
Offering you market leading technology, worldwide coverage and proven reliability in providing a tailored atmosphere control system that gives you the optimum results for your application.

Flexibility: Tailored Systems Specific for Your Application

Maxtend’s systems are compact and efficiently setup either as a unique ‘One-Trip’ system in any standard reefer or our GEM system can be retrofitted to any Carrier Primeline Reefer giving you maximum flexibility.

A Maxtend® system can be fitted to any standard reefer container with any brand of refrigeration system quickly and efficiently, without the need for permanent modification maintaining full reefer volume for cargo.

Supported by our worldwide network and global management eliminating the need to maintain a dedicated controlled atmosphere container fleet.

Maximum Quality & Profits

Controls Produce Respiration Naturally
Maxtend® makes it possible to slow respiration and place your produce in a state similar to ‘suspended animation’, effectively retaining quality and increasing storage life.
Optimized for Individual Produce
Maxtend® specifically tailors atmospheres to maximise produce life well beyond standard air storage methods. There is a Maxtend System that is perfect for your product.

Optimum Freshness

Maxtend® atmosphere control systems have proven results in minimizing moisture loss resulting in produce arriving in peak freshness with the results speaking for themselves.

Maxtend® – The Organic Solution

The preferred choice by many of the world’s major organic produce exporters.

Maxtend® can help you satisfy the worldwide demand for organic produce with a system that also suits your budget.

Possibility of New Markets

Extend Market Reach

By substantially improving the life span of your produce Maxtend® opens up opportunities for you in new markets.

Markets that were previously impractical due to deterioration of produce in transit over long distances, are now viable with Maxtend®.

A combination of simplified logistics by use of standard reefer containers, a one-trip cost effective system, and the proven results of optimum quality produce on arrival means maximum returns for you.

With the choice of multiple systems Maxtend® can tailor a solution best suited to your produce and budget.

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